Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fairy In Wonderland Notebook

Add a personal touch to your notes with this sweet little journal!

Bound in a traditional coptic stitched style, it has a beautifully intricate exposed spine and lies flat when opened.

The uses are endless:
Makes a wonderful journal, diary, or sketchbook
Great for jotting down random little thoughts
Keeps grocery lists contained, just stash in your purse and go.
Makes school note taking stylish
Keep your addresses and phone numbers organized
And of course doodling little hearts around the name of the one you love.

Includes paperback cardstock front and back covers wrapped with acid free scrapbook paper with a little touch of American Fabric contains 60 pages of blank, unlined, heavy weight, hand cut paper, perfect for both writing and drawing in.

Measures in A5 size

A Note About My Journals:: All of the inner paper is made from normal A4 120gsm paper.


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